Movie Title: The Restless

Country of Origin: Belgium

Synopsis of movie: Leila and Damien are deeply in love. Despite his bipolarity, he tries to pursue his life with her, knowing he may never be able to offer her what she desires.

Director: Joachim Lafosse

Producer: Pelle Ohrgren

Cast: Pär Johansson, Emma Örtlund, Ida Johansson, Alexander Rådlund, Nicklas Hillberg, Kitty Jonsson

Language: Swedish

Duration of movie: 95 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Production Year: 2020

Classification: PG13



Date Day Time Cinema
14-Oct Sat 9.10PM MyTown
12-Oct Thur 9.00PM One Utama
19-Oct Thur 9.00PM Mid Valley
03-Nov Fri 9.05PM City One
03-Nov Fri 9.05PM Gurney Plaza


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