Movie Title: Neither with You

Country Of Origin: Hungary

Synopsis of movie: Gergő’s mother is obsessed with having a grandchild. She has a serious heart disease and has only days left to live. To give his mum some joy during her final hours, Gergő asks his neighbour Saci, who is five months pregnant, to visit his mother in hospital with him and tell her that she is carrying his child. It all goes smoothly, but a new heart arrives, and his mum is operated. Therefore, Gergő and Saci are forced to play the roles of the loving couple.

Director:  Dénes Orosz

Producer: Dénes Orosz, Attila Tőzsér

Cast: Béla Mészáros, Réka Tenki, Juli Básti, Eszter Ónodi, Áron Molnár, Judit Rezes, György Cserhalmi

Language: Hungarian

Duration of movie: 96 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Production Year: 2019

Awards: N/A

Classification: 18



Date Day Time Cinema
13 Oct Fri 9.10PM Mid Valley
27 Oct Fri 7.00PM Gurney Plaza
03 Nov Fri 7.00PM City One, Kuching

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