Movie Title: Mother of Apostles

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Synopsis of movie: In search of her son-pilot, whose humanitarian plane was shot down over the occupied territories of Ukraine, the mother finds herself in a completely alien and aggressive world, where everything is permeated with hatred and suffering. In this hell, she is not only looking for a son, but, having great love and a merciful character in her heart, she changes everyone she meets on her way. And most importantly, she changes herself, gaining truly sacred power. Her despair and pain are reborn in the eternal motherly spirit of the earth, which brings her sons home alive or dead.

Director: Zaza Buadze

Producer: Dmytro Ovechkin

Cast: Bogdan Benyuk, Natalia Polovinka, Oleksandr Pozharsky

Language: Ukrainian

Duration of movie: 123 minutes

Genre: Drama

Production Year: 2020

Awards: Cannes World Film Festival,  Freedom Festival International,  Calella Film Festival,  Five Continents International Film Festival

Classification: P18


Date Day Time Venue
10-Nov Thur 9.05PM Gurney Plaza, Penang
13-Nov Sun 4.35PM MidValley, KL


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