Movie Title: Lei Mi Parla Ancora (We Still Talk)

Country of Origin: Italy

Synopsis of movie: Nino and Caterina have been married for sixty-five years and have loved each other deeply since the first moment they saw each other. When Caterina dies, her daughter, hoping to help her father overcome the loss of the woman he has loved all his life, arranges for Amicangelo, an editor with novelist ambitions, to write a book taking inspiration from her father’s memories about their love story. Amicangelo accepts the job only for financial reasons and immediately clashes with the personality of a man who seems to be his exact opposite. But the relationship between the two will grow deeper every day until it turns into a sincere friendship.

Director: Pupi Avati

Producer:Bartlebyfilm, Vision Distribution

Cast:Renato Pozzetto, Fabrizio Gifuni, Stefania Sandrelli, Isabella Ragonese, Alessandro Haber, Lino Musella, Chiara Caselli, Gioele Dix, Serena Grandi

Language: Italian

Duration of movie: 100 minutes

Genre: Drama

Production Year: 2021


Classification: P13



Date Day Time Cinema
14-Oct Sat 2.10PM Mid Valley
15-Oct Sun 4.10PM One Utama
15-Oct Sun 2.00PM MyTown
21-Oct Sat 2.10PM Mid Valley
22-Oct Sun 2.00PM MyTown
04-Nov Sat 2.00PM City One
04-Nov Sat 2.00PM Gurney Plaza
05-Nov Sun 2.00PM City One
05-Nov Sun 2.00PM Gurney Plaza


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