Movie Title: Gods Of Molembeek

Country Of Origin: Finland, Belgium, Germany

Synopsis of movie: The Molenbeek district of Brussels. A believed jihadi capital to some but familiar home to the 6 year-old boys Aatos and Amine. This is where they listen to spiders, discover black holes and quarrel over who gets to command the flying carpet that is to take them to the lands of their ancestors. They live in the same building, yet come from different worlds. Together they search for answers to the big questions. Aatos wants a god of his own, as Amine already has Allah but the question is complicated by his friend Flo’s belief that people who believe in God have gone crazy.

Director: Reetta Huhtanen

Producer: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen


Aatos Flores, Amine Mohamad Bennaa, Flo Charlier

Language: French

Duration of movie: 73 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Production Year: 2020

Awards: Reykjavik International Film Festival, Jussi Awards, Helsinki Documentary FilmFestival

Classification: P13


Date Day Time Venue
4-Nov Fri 9.00PM MyTown, KL
6-Nov Sun 4.05PM MidValley, KL
12-Nov Sat 2.00PM 1Utama (New Wing), PJ
12-Nov Sat 3.00PM Gurney Plaza, Penang


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