Movie Title: Doctor On Call

Country of Origin: Italy

Synopsis of movie: Pierfrancesco is a 65-year-old doctor working as a night-shift medical guard. He’s a grumpy man, full of aches and pains and very rough with his patients. One night he’s involved in a road collision with Mario, a thirty-year-old rider for a food delivery service. Mario is uninjured, but his bicycle is destroyed. The accident also causes Pierfrancesco sciatica to flare up, making it impossible for him to drive. Both of their jobs are in jeopardy, but the doctor has an idea that could help them both: “remotely guided” by Pierfrancesco via wireless headset, Mario will visit his patients, and they’ll also carry out Mario’s delivery in Pierfrancesco’s car. After a whole range of daring (mis)adventures, they will learn to support each other, and the night will end with their lives both changed for the better.

Director: Guido Chiesa

Producer: Alessandro Usai,  Maurizio Totti

Cast: Diego Abatantuono, Frank Matano, Giorgia Spinelli, Alessandro Betti, Luciano Miele, Antonio Salines, Valentina D’Agostino, Leonardo Sbragia

Language: Italian

Duration of movie: 93 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Production Year: 2021

Classification: P18


Date Day Time Venue
5-Nov Sat 7.35PM Mid Valley, KL
6-Nov Sun 4.45PM MyTown, KL
12-Nov Sat 3.45PM 1 Utama (New Wing), PJ
12-Nov Sat 6.35PM Mid Valley, KL
12-Nov Sat 9.15PM Gurney Plaza, Penang
13-Nov Sun 5.30PM Gurney Plaza, Penang
13-Nov Sun 5.45PM MyTown, KL


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