Cosy Dens


Czech Republic

Comedy, Drama | 1999 | 115 minutes |




Pelíšky is a bittersweet coming-of-age story set in the months from Christmas 1967 leading up to the ill-fated 1968 Prague Spring. Teenager Michal Šebek has a crush on his upstairs neighbor, Jindřiška Krausová. Michal's family is headed by a stubborn army officer who is a firm supporter of the communist system and who believes that communist technology will eventually triumph over western imperialist capitalism, while Jindřiška's father is an ardent foe of the Communists and a war hero, who has been imprisoned several times because of his outspoken opposition to the regime; he believes that "the Bolsheviks have a year at most, maybe two". The movie is loosely based on the novel Hovno Hoří (Czech: "Flaming Feces") by Petr Šabach.



Director : Jan Hřebejk
Cast : Michael Beran, Miroslav Donutil, Simona Stasová
Awards : Czech Lion
Won Best Actor
Won Best Film Poster

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Won Special Mention

Pilsen Film Festival 1999
Won Most Popular Film

Pilsen Film Festival 2000
Won Best Actor
Won Best Actress
Language : Czech