Children Of Glory



History, Romance | 2006 | 114 minutes |




The time is 1956, the coldest year of the Cold War and Hungary is politically dominated by the Soviet Empire. Yet, Hungary is also a superpower - the Hungarian national water polo team remains undefeated...invincible. While Communist oppression hangs like a dark cloud over the Hungarians' everyday life, the team's star athletes are shining heroes to the nation, treated like modern day rock stars with money jingling in their pockets and a beautiful girl on each arm. This epic match in Melbourne was a high moment of sports drama in 1956 and inspiration to freedom loving people everywhere.

This year is the 60th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
(Courtesy of Andy Vajna)



Director : Krisztina Goda
Cast : Kata Dobó, Ivány Fenyő, Sándor Csányi, Zsolt Huszár, Viktória Szávai, Tamás Jordán, Krisztián Kolovratnik, Antal Czapkó
Language : Hungarian
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