Family | 2013 | 105 minutes |




OSTWIND tells the story of Mika, a 13-year-old girl who is convinced she is good at, well, nothing! Yet she is a smart girl and still manages the leap into the next class at school. But instead of being allowed to go to summer camp and have fun, she has to study for the upcoming exams. To make matters worse, Mika is dumped by her parents on her strict grandmother... Who just happens to own a stud farm and riding stables! There, one day Mika discovers the wild and shy stallion Ostwind. Against all warnings, she slips secretly into the stall and approaches him without fear. Mika, who thought herself to be without talent, discovers her true passion and unique gift: she can speak the language of horses! But will she succeed in taming Ostwind?



Director : Katja von Garnier
Cast : Hanna Höppner, Marvin Linke, Cornelia Froboess, Tilo Prückner, Detlev Buck, Nina Kronjäger, Jürgen Vogel, Marla Menn, Henriette Morawe, Amber Bongard
Awards :
  • Bavarian Film Award 2013 (Best Children's Film)
  • German Film Award 2014 (Best Children's Film)
Language : German